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Sastrugi Press is a traditional book publisher. It is a company dedicated to delivering the best quality reading material to the world. We offer several genres of books and are continually expanding our title list.

  • These Canyons are Full of Ghosts

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Sastrugi Press is pleased to announce the Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide, the commemorative official guidebook. It tells you everything you need to know about the total eclipse passing over Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park in August 2017.

Why should you visit Jackson Hole this summer to view the total eclipse? The next total eclipse over Grand Teton National Park won’t be until 2252, 236 years from now. This is your one and only chance to watch a total eclipse from America’s most iconic park.

 Aspiring Authors

Don’t know where to start? Follow this link for helpful information on submitting book proposals, and manuscripts to Sastrugi Press. As a traditional book publisher, we want and need our authors to be successful. We provide them with tools and tips for improving their manuscript.

Live Book Pitches

Sastrugi Press will be at the Wyoming Writers, Inc. conference in Gillette, WY, on June 2-4, 2017. Attend this event and pitch us your book directly. Face-to-face book pitch meetings are always more enjoyable and successful. The editors get to know you and it’s easier to sell your writing.

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