Antarctic Tears

Antarctic Tears

Antarctic TearsIn 2012, Aaron Linsdau attempted to become the first American to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, a journey of Antarctic Tears. It would be a brutal journey of over 1,400 miles, in temperatures always below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and with a constant headwind.

And he wanted to do this alone.

Throughout the history of mankind, very few have ever attempted the trek from Antarctica’s edge to the South Pole because, as one climber put it, “It is ten times more difficult than Everest.”

Thousands of humans have stood on Everest and twelve Americans have stood on the moon. Yet, only one other American had ever skied to the South Pole alone, nearly dying in the attempt.

Enter the mind of someone crazy enough to attempt crossing Antarctica. It is an exploration of the heart, mind and spirit of an adventurer. Find out what would make an engineer leave his well-paid job for something seemingly so reckless and risky.

In the end, Aaron set a World Record for the longest expedition from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, a record that will likely stand for a long time. Read how he used 15 year’s worth of engineering skills and applied them to not only surviving in the Antarctic but pursuing his dream and applying them to his life. Learn about the expedition here.

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  • Jammed in a Chilean taxi with a ski bag

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Antarctic Tears can also be found in the Scott Polar Research Institute’s library. The book was added to their collection.

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Antarctic Tears the Film

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Antarctic Tears

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Antarctic Tears

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Listen to Aaron Linsdau on the Rick Lakin podcast

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Reader Reviews

Just to let you know that I have finally finished Antarctic Tears! Not that it took me a year to finish it, I just didn’t get to it till a month ago. Great read! I couldn’t put it down… truly enjoyed it. After reading the book, I understood what you meant when you said climbing Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl was a holiday for you. 😉

All the best for your future adventures and books… Keep going! – Hui Ting Sum, Singapore

I finished your book and it was a great read. I still cannot fathom someone subjecting himself to that kind of environment. -Pulling all of your own supplies, and doing it solo for several months is incredible. I’ve read a lot of human endurance books, but your trip ranks right up there in difficulty. – Ed Lavino, Jackson, WY, author of Prevailing Westerlies

Allen recently finished reading your book, and many evenings were spent with him reading aloud to me …what an unbelievable journey and accomplishment! 

I just finished ordering 5 of your books to give as Christmas gifts to family members.  One copy of your book in particular will be going to our 20 year old grandson  who has been floundering for quite some time. I think that reading your book may help him to better understand and recognize that although there are struggles in life that you must never ever give up. 

Thank you for sharing  your dream and achievements with the world. – Barbara Ripingill, Turners Falls, MA

Being an adventurer and historian as well as an avid reader, like many of you I have always been fascinated by the world’s most dangerous place – mysterious Antarctica. But here we have the personal vivid account of a man’s survival against improbable odds. I have read many Antarctic accounts – Amundsen’s, Scott’s, and of course Shackleton’s which are masterful, but this book is different; it is more personal, full of personal emotions, physical and mental triumphs. It will put you there, quite alone, in the vast deadly trackless and seemingly endless high plateau (9,000 + feet) that is the geological south end of our earth. This is a vivid, true account that I could not lay down.Emmett Harder, San Bernardino, CA

Aaron, thanks for sharing your great adventure to the So. Pole, which I just finished reading. You share the powerful reality of that
forbidding domain in a way that is unforgettable. I like the “inside
story” of your thinking and how you came to undertake the adventure; made me feel I was there with you! – Jerry Mossbarger
, Hemet, CA

About the author

Antarctic TearsAaron Linsdau is the second American to have skied solo from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. He is an Eagle Scout, holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in computational science. Aaron is a motivational speaker, polar explorer, the author of Antarctic Tears and an award-winning photographer. Book Aaron for your next speaking engagement or keynote address.

As a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, he is in the top 10% of engineers in the country. He has over a decade of experience as a staff-level embedded software engineer and holds patents in golf club measurement technology.