Havoc and Solace

Havoc and Solace

Imagine watching a moose drink from a lake at nightfall. Gazing deep into a coyote’s eyes. Dancing rain that makes everyone young.

Havoc & Solace: Poems from the Inland West is a shining example of accessible and engaging poetry that restores a vital connection with our natural world. Through the eyes of an award-winning poet, these poems take us beyond physical, mental, and historical constraints, to the wild beating heart of life in the American inland West.

Is it possible to experience an American region through writing? If the possibility exists, it is through this book.

Braided through the writing:

Why are we strangers, awkward with each other?
Who are we, left standing?
Show us how to bear the numbness, or the blazing and the chill.
Help us face forward, listen, breathe each other’s air.


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Havoc & Solace

Havoc & Solace


Havoc & Solace

Havoc & Solace


Havoc & Solace

Author: Carol L. Deering
Editor: Lori Howe
ISBN: 978-1-944986-53-7 (hdbk), 978-1-944986-46-9 (ppbk),
Market price: $19.95 (hdbk), $11.95 (ppbk)
Interior: Black and White
Page count: 100

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About the Author

Carol L. Deering

Carol L. Deering was born and grew up in New England but has lived well over half her life in the inland West, specifically western Wyoming, northern and southern Arizona, and east-of-the-Cascades Washington.

Carol holds a BA in English from Springfield College, and an MA in Librarianship & Information Management from the University of Denver.

Visit her author page.