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Antarctic Tears Documentary

Follow Aaron Linsdau on his world record-setting expedition across Antarctica. See what happens to a person isolated from the outside world for three months in the most inhospitable environment on Earth. Aaron had to survive off eating raw butter to survive this trek.

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Gold Panning with Don Robinson

gold panning video coverLearn the art of gold panning in less than 30 minutes from one of the world’s best. Gold Panning Champion Don Robinson uses his easy-going style to describe the equipment, principles, and technique behind this historic method of extracting gold from the Earth. Learn Don’s championship approach to become a better panner.

Gold Panning

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Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Yellowstone

Jackson Hole VideoSee firsthand the magnificence of Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. This video will excite travelers into making these American treasures their next destination. Experience the real west with long-time Jackson resident Timothy Linsdau.

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Metal Detectors with Mike Bowers
Metal DetectorsMetal detector expert Mike Bowers describes the different types of detectors, coil sizes and the role they play in finding gold. He also explains why having two types of metal detectors is better than one. Mike takes the viewer into the field with his metal detecting companions to discover gold while enjoying friendly competition.

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Randall Peeters Life Seminar

Randy Peeters SeminarMany of us go through life taking each day as it comes, giving little thought as to what it could be if we spent a little time creating a vision for it. Think of what it would be like to develop a strategy that erases the self-doubts that constantly hold us back. Dr. Randall Peeters will show you how.
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Treasure Hunting with Mike Bowers

Treasure HuntingMetal detector expert Mike Bowers covers all phases using metal detectors and treasure hunting. His presentation includes his experiences, the differences between metal detectors and the secrets to his success. Metal detecting has long been a great way to find treasures worth. But learning the art of metal detecting and the differences between detectors can be confusing. 

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Otay Mountain Wilderness

Otay Mountain WildernessThe film is a highly educational look at the fascinating Otay Mountain Wilderness Area. Although it is a well-kept secret to many local people, the mountain is near the busiest border in the world.

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Introduction to Gold Prospecting

Introduction to Gold ProspectingMatt Stokes and Don Robinson share their insight and knowledge of how to prospect for gold in this highly educational film. Become more successful in gold prospecting using their techniques.

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Introduction to Off-Camera Strobe Flash Photography

Introduction to Off-Camera Strobe Flash PhotographyAaron Linsdau teaches the basics of off-camera flash strobe photography in this video. After watching this video, you will become a better photographer with a camera flash.

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