Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie

Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie

An inexplicable killing takes a young Native American archaeologist into a realm of personal grief, cultural conflict, and the walking wounded.

Sleeping Dogs Dont LieOverview: A young Native American boy is taken from his home after tragedy strikes, grows up in middle America, and through his first real adult summer searches for Wyoming artifacts, falls in with the subversive Dog Soldiers Resurrected, and attempts single-handedly to solve the mystery behind the murder of his treasured coworker.


Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie is the story of Clifford Gustafson, born Clifford Whitetail on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in southeastern Montana. Orphaned as a young boy, Clifford is adopted and raised by a farm couple in Minnesota—which, he learns after beginning college classes at a university in Minneapolis, was part of the ancestral Cheyenne homeland prior to the 1700s.

Clifford believes that he was brought back to Minnesota through no choice of his own as providence, and as a sign. At first, he’s not sure exactly what it is a sign of, though. Nevertheless, the revelation kicks off a voyage of discovery for Clifford that leads to a degree in anthropology and a summer job at an important archaeological site on the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming.

What begins as a carefree, educational summer for Clifford is ripped apart by the apparent murder of a beloved workmate, a young woman who had become more than a friend to him. Clifford immediately assumes the responsibility for solving the mystery.

Following the road to find the questions and the answers takes him on a roller-coaster ride through the high plains of Wyoming and Montana and the rolling prairies of the Heartland. Along the way, he experiences a dangerous falling in with a group of young Cheyennes calling themselves the DSR (Dog Soldiers Resurrected), and forges a friendship with Bill Parsons, an Iowa pig farmer by summer and highly skilled Yellowstone country tracker of poachers come fall.

Part crime novel, part coming-of-age story, and all adventure, Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie is peppered with enough spirituality to make readers think and enough magic (in particular, the magic of a very special Appaloosa mare) to keep them guessing. Readers will be rewarded with a tale that is exciting, uplifting, and illuminating. By the end, they will be primed and anxious for installment number two of the Clifford Gustafson Trilogy, a tale that will involve an older Clifford and a shocking find high in western Wyoming’s Wind River Range.

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Sleeping Dogs Don't Lie

Sleeping Dogs Don't Lie


Sleeping Dogs Don't Lie

Sleeping Dogs Don't Lie

Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie Book Information

Author: Michael McCoy
ISBN: 978-1-944986-15-5
Market price: $16.95
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 274

Clifford Gustafson Trilogy

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About the Author

Michael McCoyMichael McCoy has written dozens of magazine articles—for Runner’s World, Men’s Journal, Powder, and many others—and more than ten books on travel and the outdoors, including Cycling the Great Divide. He has contributed to anthologies from National Geographic, the Wyoming Wilderness Association, and the Discovery Channel.