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Dream of Walking Across Antarctica

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San Diego, CA, October 27, 2014  – Setting out to be the first American to ski alone to the South Pole and back, Aaron Linsdau began a three month saga to conquer all odds. In his new nonfiction book, Antarctic Tears, he recounts his pursuit of a decade old dream, vaulting himself out of an otherwise mundane life as an engineer, traveling to the highest, driest, and windiest place on earth. After beginning his expedition in some of the worst weather conditions in a decade, he became dangerously ill, coughed up blood, and watched helplessly as his plans crumbled before his eyes with little chance of recovery.

Antarctic Tears explores one man’s pursuit of a seemingly impossible dream for someone who is afflicted by asthma. Motivated to improve awareness for prostate cancer, a disease his father suffered from, Linsdau does not portray himself as a super hero. Rather, he illustrates how he is the common everyman pursuing an uncommon goal. He shares with readers how he took his dream, turned it into a goal, and then acted upon it to make it a reality.

Relying on his engineering skills and MacGyver-like ingenuity, a staunch refusal to quit in the face of impossible odds, Aaron Linsdau relentlessly grapples with a seemingly endless river of insurmountable obstacles. Antarctic Tears provides inspiration for those dreaming of doing amazing things and provides a framework with which to formulate a plan, set a goal, and act upon it. This book is a classic thriller for readers in the same spirit as Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, Endurance, and The Worst Journey in the World.

The book Antarctic Tears will make readers feel the cold, wind, and solitude of the biggest wilderness on the planet. Only 300 people have ever skied from the coast to the South Pole and only 30 have done it alone. In comparison, over 4,000 have successfully summited Everest in the same time. The book is now available in print and ebooks through all major retail and online outlets.

“[What] Aaron…did achieve took terrific spirit, and this will forever more remain one of my favorite and, for all the wrong reasons and for all the right reasons, most admired polar expeditions.” – Hannah McKeand, ALE guide and world record fastest solo female to the South Pole

About the Author

Aaron Linsdau grew up in San Diego, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at San Diego State University, and worked as a software engineer for twenty years. He turned his interests to polar exploration, trained in Jackson Hole, and skied across Antarctica to the South Pole. Antarctic Tears is his first nonfiction book. He is currently writing Adventure One, a guide to pursuing adventure, and a techno-thriller novel about terrorists who take a major American city hostage, and is planning a North Pole expedition. He currently lives in Jackson, WY. You can learn more about Aaron at or on Twitter: @alinsdau.

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