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Intrigue and the Beginning of a New Life

Release of new novel of a journalist testing the limits of his professional skepticism

Foresthill, CA, December 2, 2014 – On his final trek into the mountains of Placid County, journalist Beau Larson discovers an intriguing man who spends his summers residing in a cave on top of a bluff. Larson becomes even more fascinated when he learns his newfound acquaintance is blind and lives in the cave the entire summer.

Larry Flannery, the blind man, has visions of the Garden of Eden and asks Larson to write a book on what he “sees” when he learns Larson is a writer. Though skeptical, Larson agrees to try, but is completely uncertain where to start in Jim Linsdau’s first novel, The Blind Man’s Story.

Follow Larson as he divides his time between the blind man and a lethal clash between loggers and environmentalists. He teams up with the local sheriff Jerod “Bone” Hampton as they pursue a case that goes deeper than solving a murder – Larson finds the blind man sees more than a snake in the garden.

The reader is taken on a journey of intrigue, thought and murder through the narrative told from the perspective of an experienced journalist. Readers will relate to Larson’s experience of his job and skepticism keeping him from his ultimate dream. In his case, his dream is writing a full length book. The Blind Man’s Story is an allegorical tale of larger than life personalities and one man’s journey from pessimism and dreariness to the beginning of a new life.

About the Author

Jim Linsdau is a journalist and now serves as the sports editor for two publications in Northern California. A student of the Bible, he wrote The Blind Man’s Story to explore what the Bible does not say about the Garden of Eden and the serpent that led man to original sin. As a journalist and the son of a former lumberjack, he grew up with the material needed to write The Blind Man’s Story, which he is expanding into a series of novels. He is also working on another novel involving a young knight and his lifelong fight with a dragon.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Northern California.

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