USB-MP3 Audiobook

USB-MP3 Audiobook

USB-MP3 audiobookThe Sastrugi Press USB-MP3 Audiobook is a quick way to start listening to your favorite Sastrugi Audio book in moments. These packages contain a USB thumb drive which you can plug into your computer and download to your favorite listening device in moments. The packaging is efficient and generates less waste than the traditional CD box set audiobook.

Inside each USB-MP3 audiobook box, you will find immediate access to what you want most – the audio performance. The experience of listening to a book is an unparalleled experience in the publishing industry. Harkening from the days of childhood, listening to a book as a story time will keep you engaged and entertained.

Audiobooks have a big advantage over books. The USB-MP3 audiobook can be enjoyed while doing something else, such as housework, gardening, or the like. Print books nor television offer the same versatility as an audiobook. Just start listening and you’ll see how quickly you become absorbed in the narrator’s voice.

Advantage of Audiobooks for the Handicapped

Plus, audiobooks make it possible for the sight impaired to enjoy books not translated to Braille. The phenomenal work that goes into the production of an audiobook makes it possible for those without sight to still enjoy a good read.

Sastrugi Press also offers the USB-MP3 audiobook as CD box sets, too. This may be more convenient for those without access to computers or smart phones. We want to make our material available to as many audiences as possible.

Sastrugi Press titles available as USB-MP3 Audiobooks

The below Sastrugi Press audiobook titles are available as USB-MP3:

Future Sastrugi Press audiobook titles will be available on USB-MP3, too. If the title is compatible with the USB-MP3 audiobook format, Sastrugi Press strives to make it available to the public. We want to make sure you can enjoy books in every way possible. That’s why we offer our books in ebook (Kindle, EPUB, Nook, etc.) version when compatible.