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Enjoy the Sastrugi Press audiobooks on this page. The professionally produced books are enjoyable to listen to for those on the go with mobile devices. They provide you with a whole new sensory experience.

Blood Justice
Tim W. James

Blood JusticeTwo brothers, one a preacher’s son, the other an adopted would-be slave, set out in opposite directions to avenge their family’s murder only to cross paths in pursuit of the killer.

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The Burqa Cave
Dean Petersen

Still haunted by Iraq, a retired soldier seeks solace teaching high school in Wyoming. He soon finds the quiet town is home to murderers, maniacs, and a boy who can see where missing murder victims are.

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Antarctic Tears
Aaron Linsdau

Aaron Linsdau attempts to become the first American to ski to the South Pole and back alone. This real-life account of what occurred on this word record expedition will chill and thrill all audiences. Delve into the mind of an explorer and learn what it takes to survive three months alone. #1 Bestseller on Amazon (June 2015).

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How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Cold
Aaron Linsdau

Book070 How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the ColdKeep your feet warm in cold conditions and in chilly adventures with the techniques described in this book. Packed with dozens and dozens of ideas, you can avoid having cold feet ever again in your outdoor pursuits.

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