Explore Jackson Hole Guide

Explore Jackson Hole Guide

Find the Right Hike For You in Jackson Hole

A Hiking Guide to Grand Teton, Jackson, Teton Valley, Gros Ventre, Togwotee Pass, and more.

“The ultimate source for your next Jackson Hole adventure”
Includes a list of trails by difficulty and distance from the Jackson Town Square.

Jackson Hole contains some of the most dramatic and iconic landscapes in the United States. The Explore Jackson Hole Guide will take you on pleasant landscape walks or exciting hikes into the backcountry. The landscapes and animals in and around Jackson Hole are unmatched anywhere in America. This book tells you everything you need to know to find them.

The book provides GPS coordinates, elevation info, route maps, highlights, and warnings for walks in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This guide includes family-friendly, ADA-accessible, easy, and highly challenging trails. Whether you have a family with young children or are a strong hiker, this book has what you want. There are hikes for everyone in this guide.

Over 100 trails are described in the Explore Jackson Hole Guide. This book contains hikes found in no other books, websites, or smartphone apps. Each trail description has everything you need to know to hike safely
and confidently.

Book features

  • Maps and elevation profiles
  • Distance and difficulty ratings
  • GPS coordinates (DD.DDDDº, Degº Min’ Sec”, UTM)
  • Trailhead facilities
  • Safety notes
  • Imperial (American/English) and metric units

Find the best hiking trails in Jackson Hole, whatever your skill level, in the Explore Jackson Hole Guide.

Major areas included in this guide

  • Grand Teton
  • Jackson Lake
  • Jenny Lake
  • Phelps Lake
  • Central Jackson
  • South Jackson Hole
  • Teton Pass
  • Teton Valley, Idaho
  • Grand Targhee
  • Gros Ventre
  • Togwotee Pass

Hike with veteran author and Jackson native Aaron Linsdau on a short stroll or tough multiday backpack. This polar explorer will show you hidden spectacular scenery that you never imagined. This book is a Wyoming hiking guide and an Idaho hiking guide.

Includes a historical walking guide to the Wort Hotel.

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Explore Jackson Hole Guide Short Description

The Explore Jackson Hole Guide contains everything you need to know for hiking and backpacking in the greater Jackson Hole, Wyoming area. The book provides maps, GPS coordinates, and detailed directions for every trail.

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Explore Jackson Hole Guide Book Information

Authors: Aaron Linsdau
ISBN: 978-1-64922-024-0 (paperback)
Market price: $18.95 (paperback)
Formats: Paperback
Page count: 342
Book code: 00071
Interior: B&W
Illustrations: Yes

About the author

Aaron Linsdau is a native of Jackson and has traveled to the toughest places on Earth. He has skied alone to the South Pole, trekked in the Arctic, and climbed cold, desolate mountains. Aaron is the host of World Beyond, the international travel show, and has written dozens of books on multiple subjects.