Randall Peeters Seminar

Randall Peeters Seminar

Randy Peeters SeminarMany of us go through life taking each day as it comes, giving little thought as to what it could be if we spent a little time creating a vision for it. Think of what it would be like to develop a strategy that erases the self-doubts that constantly hold us back. The Randall Peeters Seminar video helps you achieve that.

Ever wonder what it would be like to climb Mount Everest? Become a rocket scientist? Or live the kind of life worth writing a book about?

Author Dr. Randall Peeters is someone who decided to stop wondering and do something about it.

In his book Journeys to the Edge, he describes what it is like to live life with a vision. Using the simple motto – When it’s over, no regrets – Peeters tells how he went from leading his high school band down a blind alley in the Rose Bowl Parade to reaching the top of the tallest mountain in the world.

In his accompanying DVD, Peeters takes the viewer on a visual journey of how his vision system works and how viewers can develop one for themselves.

Dr. Peeters shows not only how to conquer those mountains in our lives, but the joy each one brings when viewing life from the top.

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