Sands of Time

 Sands of Time

5.5x8.5_Front_EN-smEscaping the ghosts of his past on Earth, Harrison traveled to Mars to establish a lucrative mining claim to restart his life. He thought access to the ancient ruins strewn across the planet provided nothing more than a curiosity. That was, until an unexpected encounter left him questioning everything.

As Harrison concluded he had only hallucinated, he received a call from Phobos relay station, one that brought his past rushing back to him. And, he received unwelcome news from Jan, an old friend at the Taris station. Harrison and Jan’s friendship faces the ultimate test in the dune wastelands.

Nancy Takeda

About the author

Nancy Takeda has always been passionate about science fiction. When the Wort Hotel burned down in Jackson, Wyoming in 1980, Nancy took to writing the the first manuscript that became Sands of Time. This was her contribution to broadening the genre. In between then and the book’s publication date, she developed her skills in both watercolor painting and knitting. She lives in Jackson with her feisty cat Zoee.