The Motivated Amateur’s Guide to Winter Camping

The Motivated Amateur’s Guide to Winter Camping

Essential Winter Camping Tips to Make Your Cold Outdoor Experience Safe and Enjoyable

Learn 100+ tips on how to make your winter camping trip a success

Embark on a thrilling winter adventure like never before with this essential guide in hand. Packed with 150 expert tips and techniques, this book is your ultimate companion for conquering the frosty wilderness.

Camping in the winter is one of the most satisfying ways to experience the wilderness. It is also the most challenging style of overnighting in the outdoors. Learn 100+ tips from a professional polar explorer on how to winter camp safely, capture the experience, and avoid frostbite and other problems of the cold.

Included inside:

  • Gear Mastery: Discover the must-have equipment to keep you warm and safe in the cold.
  • Campsite Perfection: Choose the ideal location for a cozy, snow-covered retreat.
  • Surviving the Elements: Stay safe with life-saving tips for battling winter’s challenges.

Whether this is your first time or your fiftieth-time winter camping, you’ll learn valuable tips to enjoy your experience.

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Coming Fall 2024

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Coming Fall 2024

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The Motivated Amateur’s Guide to Winter Camping

Author: Aaron Linsdau
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About the author

Aaron Linsdau is a native of Jackson and has traveled to the toughest places on Earth. He has skied alone to the South Pole, skied across Greenland on the Arctic Circle, trekked the Arctic tundra, and climbed cold, desolate mountains. Aaron is the host of World Beyond, the international travel show, and has written dozens of books on multiple subjects.