Wasted Lives of Unsung Heroes

Wasted Lives of Unsung Heroes

Story of Czechoslovakian pilots from World War II

Embark on an extraordinary journey with young heroes who fled their Hitler-occupied homeland to become WWII pilots. Facing scarcity and peril, they ventured across Europe, ultimately reaching England, where they valiantly served in the military. Some paid the ultimate price, while the survivors returned home as war heroes. However, their freedom was short-lived. Communist Czechoslovakia subjected them to persecution, humiliation, and imprisonment.

“The aircraft stopped reacting to the pilot’s flying controls and headed toward unavoidable death. The drops of cold sweat appeared on František’s burnt forehead.”

These courageous pilots fought for freedom alongside the Allies. At home, they found themselves trapped behind barbed wire. They endured relentless surveillance, interrogation, torture, and degradation. It took forty-one years to reclaim their freedom. This is a gripping account of young men who took to the skies. They persevered through the darkest of times, ultimately triumphing in the name of freedom and honor.

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Short Description

Experience the gripping stories of Czechoslovakian pilots who helped to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II only to be persecuted by Communist Czechoslovakia and Stalinist Russia.

Wasted Lives of Unsung Heroes Book Information

Author: Vítek Formánek, Eva Csölleová
ISBN: 978-1-64922-325-8 (Paperback Ingram), 978-1-64922-327-2 (Paperback Amazon)
Market Price (U.S.): Retailer (Paperback)
Page Count: 252
Illustrations: Yes
Formats: Hardback, Paperback, eBook
Book Code: 00194
Available in these countries: United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom

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