A General History of the Pyrates

A General History of the Pyrates

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A General History of the Pyrates is a book published by Captain Charles Johnson (likely a pseudonym) that contains the biographies and life stories of several famous pirates. This book soon became popular and gave birth to the genre of pirate fiction by inspiring numerous stories such as Treasure Island, Captain Blood, and Peter Pan.

“Nor is this all, he has been guilty of worse villainy than this…”

This book contains vivid storytelling and stories about the lives of numerous famous pirates, and it recalls their adventures in masterful detail. It was also the origin of many of the clichés that are well known and loved in today’s pirate folklore, such as pirates missing eyes and wearing eyepatches, pirates with stump legs or hooks for hands, and buried pirate treasure. The classic pirate flag (the Jolly Rogers) featuring skull and bones also comes from this book.

If you love pirates and all the charm that surrounds them, this book is a must-have. It is the very book that started a lot of pirate myths!

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This original pirate book created the classic character stereotypes of the entire pirate genre.

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A General History of the Pyrates Book Information

Imprint: Sastrugi Press Classics
Author: Daniel Defoe
ISBN: 978-1-64922-207-7 (hardback), 978-1-64922-208-4 (paperback), 978-1-64922-209-1 (large print hardback), 978-1-64922-210-7 (large print paperback), 978-1-64922-211-4 (ebook)
Market price: $22.95 (hardback), $13.95 (paperback), $27.95 (large print hardback), $17.95 (large print paperback)
Formats: Hardback, Paperback, Large Print, eBook
Page count: 322 (regular print), 5-4 (large print)
Title code: 00229
Available in these countries: United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom