Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Read a Robert Louis Stevenson high seas adventure classic.

The definitive edition.

  • Features an extended biography of the life and experiences of Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Large Print editions available in hardback and paperback
  • Remastered for premium quality print and easy reading
Follow the adventures of Jim Hawkins, a boy whose life is sparked by an eerie encounter in the Admiral Benbow Inn with an old pirate known only as Blind Pew. Treasure Island takes you through the highs and lows of the classic adventure tale that enviably ends in an epic battle over a hidden treasure on a faraway tropical isle.
Robert Louis Stevenson’s epic tale has inspired generations of readers and writers alike it centers on the age-old tale of good versus evil. Much of the story centers on Jim’s relationship with a lovable rogue in the shape of Long John Silver. This tail follows a tempo of its own, weaving stories of daring, greed, and treachery.
Possibly the most famous line from the entire book “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest — Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”, fully captures the essence of this adventure novel set on the high seas. This yarn will continue to enthrall generations of readers for years to come.

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Short description

This seafaring tale follows the adventures of a young boy from an unassuming background who ends up intertwined with one of the most famous pirates in literature.

Keywords: classics; classical fiction; robert louis stevenson; sea stories; piracy; adventure; spy thriller

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Treasure Island Book Information

Imprint: Sastrugi Press Classics
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
ISBN: 978-1-64922-129-2 (hardback), 978-1-64922-132-2 (paperback), 978-1-64922-133-9 (large print hardback), 978-1-64922-134-6 (large print paperback), 978-1-64922-173-5 (ebook)
Market price: $17.95 (hardback), $11.95 (paperback), $20.95 (large print hardback), $12.95 (large print paperback)
Formats: Hardback, Paperback, Large Print, eBook
Page count: 188 (regular print), 280 (large print)
Title code: Book269
Available in these countries: United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom