Is It True?

Is It True?

Is It True?Is It True? is a delightful collection of children’s humorous poetry that children will want to read over and over. It encourages parents to interact in an enjoyable way with their children, to help them understand the many misunderstandings of common expressions used in our daily language.

The book explores a child’s perception of adult sayings like:

  • “Your father’s in the dog house”
  • “Lost your marbles”
  • “Double jointed”

What makes perfect sense to an adult sounds strange to children. They tend to be literal about what parents say, taking things out of context. As adults, we become desensitized to the exact meaning of subtle sayings we use daily.

Explore these saying with your children. Whether they come up naturally or are discovered in Is It True?, this illustrated book helps you laugh and learn with your children as they grow up.

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Is It True?

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Is It True?

Is It True?

Is It True?

Is It True?


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Is It True? Book Information

Author: Eugene Gagliano
Illustrator: Sarah Bradstreet
ISBN: 978-1-944986-36-0
Market price: $7.95
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 50


Great Reads, Library of Congress (Click on Wyoming to view)

In the Media

Read about how Eugene reached out on the New York Times website (Click here)

About the Author

Eugene GaglianoChildren’s author and Wyoming Poet Laureate, Eugene M. Gagliano, is the author of My Teacher Dances on the Desk, a humorous collection of children’s poetry (winner of the 2010 Delaware Diamonds Book List Children’s Choice Award). Gene is a retired elementary teacher, and author of C is for Cowboy, a Wyoming Alphabet; Little Wyoming; Angel’s Landing, Booger, and the award-winning Dee and the Mammoth.