Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide

Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide

jackson hole total eclipse guideOn August 21, a remarkable event will occur in Grand Teton National Park. A rare total eclipse will pass directly over one of America’s most famous national parks. If you are planning to view the total eclipse in Wyoming, you need the Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide.

This book has everything you need to know about viewing and photographing the eclipse from the Jackson Hole area. In it, you will find some of the secret locations locals know.

Why Buy the Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide?

Jackson Hole Eclipse GuideWhere should you watch the eclipse from? How will you find these locations? If you have never been to Grand Teton before, you might get lost. You don’t want to be lost on the big day of the eclipse! The book even will tell you exactly where to stand if you want to see the eclipse directly over the Grand Teton. It’s not where you think it is!

This commemorative official guide has information on lodging, travel and local secrets. You will find a wealth of information about how to safely and successfully photograph this rare total eclipse that will traverse the United States.

How Does the Commemorative Official Guidebook Work?

Sastrugi Press has included a special section at the back to write down your personal total eclipse notes. You can write what you thought, felt, who you were with, and where you stayed in your own personal copy. The next time a total eclipse will pass over Jackson and Grand Teton in 2252.

Each person in your group or family should have their own copy. That way they can write their own notes down and keep the book as a keepsake.

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How Many Copies of the Book Should I Buy?

Imagine years from now when you and your children or family members can look back and remember this special day. Will you remember what you thought, how you felt, or who you were with? When ordering this book, consider ordering one for everyone in the family. This book is not only a guide but also a personal reference with a journal section to commemorate your very own thoughts and feelings of this once in a lifetime experience.

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Visiting Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole VideoPlanning a visit to Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, or Yellowstone National Parks? You need to watch the Jackson Hole video. In this short film, you’ll learn everything you need to know about visiting the area.

This thirty-eight-minute video shows the beauty of the most iconic national parks in America. Whether you’re visiting before, during, or after the eclipse, this is the definitive video for visitors to the Jackson Hole area.

You can watch the film on Amazon Video Direct.


Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, Elk Refuge Questions

  • You cannot park on the side of the road on the Elk Refuge. You can only park in designated pullouts. Do not park parallel but rather pull in straight. Visit the Elk Refuge Rules and Regulations page. Visit the Elk Refuge Eclipse Information page for more info, too.
  • Grand Teton National Park is planning a one-way travel from the 89 highway to Kelly to keep traffic flowing, especially with the road damage. Visit the Grand Teton Eclipse information page for more info.
  • Visit the official Town of Jackson eclipse site for more information about Jackson’s eclipse preparations.
  • Visit the Bridger-Teton National Forest eclipse page for more information about the forest.
  • Commercial filming: If you plan to film commercially (for sale, with a crew, props, etc.), then you need a filming permit in any of the parks or in the wildlife refuge.

Watch the Trailers

Quote from the book:

“No one alive today will see another total eclipse over Grand Teton. The next eclipse to pass over it will be in 2252.”

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Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide book information

Author: Aaron Linsdau
ISBN: 978-1-944986-04-9
Market price: $9.95
Page Count: 70
Interior: Full Color


Solar Filters

If you plan to photograph, use binoculars, or a telescope, then you need a solar filter for your optics. Go to the www.totaleclipseguide.com/filters page to select the right filter for your camera, binoculars, or telescope.

You need one of these filters, otherwise you will fry the inside of your camera. Worse, you can permanently blind yourself. Hurry and buy these soon, as there is little time to receive them before the eclipse.

Click for safe solar eclipse filters

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The 2017 total solar eclipse will undoubtedly be the biggest event in Jackson since people first skied here. The event will strain local resources and cause frustration for both locals and visitors. This guide to the eclipse is the definitive handbook for everyone considering the greater Jackson area as their viewing location and will help visitors and locals effectively plan and maximize their minutes in the darkness. From astronomy to meteorology and mythology to geography Linsdau provides practical solutions to almost every potential problem confronting viewers and photographers of the eclipse. The guide is not only science but is a clearly articulated, practical handbook that identifies specific threats to ideal viewing of the eclipse and suggests meaningful ways to make it the event of a lifetime.
The guide emphasizes safe and workable solutions to issues of viewing locations, weather, and advanced planning. The section on safe viewing and photography provides specifics far beyond most articles on the subject helping the reader to prepare, relax, and enjoy the event. The details about photographic gear and techniques are definitive, workable, and effective. While the first half of the guide prepares the reader for the event it is the second half that provides stunning detail for special locations that will give the viewer or photographer unique and remote locations for the viewing unencumbered by flocks of people in the valley. The precise details of sun angle and azimuth and time to reach each location will save the reader hours of research.
If your plans include viewing the 2017 eclipse the greater western Wyoming / eastern Idaho region, this guide is essential reading for your preparation. —Loren Nelson, Director of the Teton Photography Group

About the Author

Aaron at the South Pole after nearly 3 months.

Aaron Linsdau is the second American to have skied solo from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, setting the world record for surviving the longest solo expedition to the pole. He wrote the book Antarctic Tears about his harrowing expedition.

He is an Eagle Scout, is a National Eagle Scout Association Outstanding Eagle Scout, holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in computational science.

Aaron is a motivational speaker, polar explorer, the author of Antarctic Tears and an award-winning photographer. Book Aaron for your next speaking engagement or keynote address. He speaks about grit, courage, attitude, perseverance, and resilience.