Sastrugi Press Authors

Sastrugi Press is proud to make these authors and their writing available to the reading public.

Couch, Julianne
Deering, Carol L.
Gagliano, Gene
Harder, Emmett
Henderson, Moose
Howe, Lori
Jones, Patricia
Lavino, Ed
Limon, Alfonso
Linsdau, Aaron
Linsdau, James
Mann, Nikki
Marsh, Susan
Mccoy, Michael
Millsap, Bob
Peeters, Randall
Ratliff, Grover
Spence, Gerry
Takeda, Nancy
Wohl, Jeff


Get to know your favorite authors

Sastrugi Press Author | Dr. Randall Peeters

Randall Peeters
Q. How would you describe your life in only 9 words?
A. Purpose driven, goal oriented with a passion for life

Sastrugi Press Author | Aaron LinsdauAaron Linsdau
Q. What is your one sentence advice for new writers?
A. Write every day, plan, experiment and above all else, don’t write in a vacuum.

 Sastrugi Press Author | Emmett HarderEmmett Harder

Q. What is your favorite occupation, when you’re not writing?
A. I enjoy working my mining claims outside of Death Valley.

Prospective Sastrugi Press Authors

Please visit our Book Proposal page for more information on submitting material to Sastrugi Press.

Sastrugi Press authors have powerful toolsDownload the nonfiction book proposal template
Download the fiction book proposal guide

For new Sastrugi Press authors, finding the right tools to guide writing can be difficult. There are two books we highly recommend you read and apply, both for fiction and nonfiction. They will help you understand character, dramatic structure, and what keeps a reader turning pages.

Purchase and read them – they will enrich your writing like nothing else. Even one is titled for nonfiction and the other fiction, both will dramatically improve your writing. Both are available on Amazon.

Jon Franklin, Writing for Story, ISBN: 0-452-27295-5

Lajos Egri, The Art of Creative Writing, ISBN; 0-8065-0200-2

Weak Words List

Visit this page to view our weak words list. Eliminate weak words from your writing.


House Style for Text

For ordinals (2nd, 11th, 1st and so on), please disable the superscript option if you are using Word to write your manuscript. It’s under the Tools menu in Word. Having the letters as superscript makes the leading (spacing) between lines on a page uneven. Many first-time Sastrugi Press authors struggle with this.

Most grammar & style books, including the Chicago Style Manual, appear to avoid the issue. When we import your text for layout, all superscripts will have to be fixed.

Word has a default setting to change apostrophes and quotes to smart quotes, something you may not intend. Watch out for them. They can cause your text to read improperly. Please refer to Lynch’s The English Language guide for further discussion.