Democrat 2020 Gun Control Plan HR 5717

Democrat 2020 Gun Control Plan HR 5717

Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 H.R. 5717

The Democrat-controlled 2020 House of Representatives has proposed a new overarching gun control bill. This bill will dramatically alter the landscape of firearm ownership in the United States. It requires tracking, registration, fines, fees, 50% tax rates, and expansive controls over would-be firearms owners, current firearms owners, firearms dealers, and stores that just sell ammunition.

This Book Contains

  • Complete bill reference table of contents
  • H.R. 5717 Impact overview
  • House of Representatives Bill Summary
  • The complete text of H.R. 5717

This bill makes various changes to the federal framework governing the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition. It creates new, unelected commissions with broad powers over the use, sale, and transport of all firearms and ammunition.

Contained within is a complete reference table of contents to make it easier for readers and researchers to understand this law.

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In-depth reader resources

This proposed gun legislation will:

  • Create an unelected commission that determines safety standards
  • Requires firearms and ammunition dealers to submit to filing a plan and have it be accepted by unelected officials
  • Makes firearms manufacturers liable for the action of criminal gun users regardless of how to criminal came to possess the firearm

Sections of interest in the proposed bill for the reader

Title I, Sect 101

  • Requires a license for any firearms or ammunition ownership or purchase
  • Requires a written and hands-on test and a photograph of the purchaser
  • Establishes a database of all buyers of all guns and ammunition
  • Requires registration of all firearms

Sec 303: Increases the age of ownership to 21, even though 18-year-olds may join the military and use military-grade weapons

Sec 304: Requires government-acceptable storage requirement for all firearms owners. Guns must be locked up and disabled at all times if anyone who can access them doesn’t have a firearms license.

Title IV, Creates Red Flag confiscation law (Extreme Risk Protection)

  • Circumvents the 4th amendment
  • The text suggests home inspections as deemed necessary

Title V Bans “Assault weapons”

Sec 512: Limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less. Is unclear about semi-automatic pistols now being classified as assault weapons

Sec 515: Make creating firearm models illegal

Subtitle B

Completely ban silencers and mufflers

Title VI

Sec 934: Selling two or more firearms is now classified as firearms trafficking. Restricts everyone to one purchase per month regardless of source (store, private, etc.). Make people who privately sell firearms liable for the action of the purchaser.

Title VII Firearms dealers and ammunition vendors

  • Require gun dealers to submit a security plan for certification which can be rejected
  • Create an annual security plan compliance certification with a $5,000 fine
  • Require gun dealers to submit to annual inspections by the federal attorney general’s office
  • Impose a $20,000 fine is the inspector decides they don’t like what the gun dealer has done
  • Unclear compliance requirements make it easy for a store to be shut down
  • Small store owners will be put out of business when arbitrary “security requirements” are made too expensive
  • Every gun and ammunition dealer must keep a record of every firearm and box of ammunition sold and maintain that record indefinitely (forever)
  • Title VIII., Sec. 803.

Title VIII., Sec 803. New, large tax increases

  • Taxes firearms at 30%
  • Taxes ammunition at 50%

This new proposed law changes the American landscape of firearms ownership and sales.