Democrat $3 Trillion Spending Plan

Democrat $3 Trillion Spending Plan

Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (HEROES Act, H.R. 6800)

The Democrat $3 trillion proposal for pandemic relief

The Democrat-controlled 2020 House of Representatives has proposed a new $3,000,000,000,000 spending bill for pandemic relief. This bill contains over 1,800 pages of spending appropriations and legislative actions. The bill, H.R. 6800, was proposed by House Democrats with no bipartisan or independent input.

This Book Contains

  • Complete bill reference table of contents
  • House Democrats Press Release with a One-Page Summary
  • House of Representatives Title-By-Title Summary
  • The complete text of the proposed bill H.R. 6800

This bill is ~50% larger than the CARES Act signed by President Trump in March 2020. The bill contains items not directly related to pandemic relief.

Contained within is a complete reference table of contents to make it easier for readers and researchers to understand this proposed legislation.

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Book Information

Imprint: Thirteen Colony Press
Author: U.S. Congress
Market price: $24.95 (paperback)
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Research and extended information

The bill was created by Democrats without no input from independent and Republican colleagues in the House

This bill contains the following :

  • A single payment for taxpayers
  • Provides a $10,000 bailout for those with student debt
  • It creates a bailout for states in fiscal trouble.
  • Provides $915 billion to states, specifically targeting those with large unfunded pension liabilities
  • Provides funding for illegal aliens and undocumented workers
  • Provides banking for those in the cannabis (marijuana) trade
  • Removes the State and Local Tax deductions (SALT). This largely benefits high-tax (left-leaning) states and high-income households.
  • Provides tax breaks for high-income households in high-tax states
  • Creates a bailout for the United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Includes hate crime legislation
  • Includes provisions preventing Voter ID laws
  • Provides $9 billion for WiFi hotspot funding on tribal lands
  • Creates environmental justice grant programs
  • Provides no liability protection for small businesses opening up again
  • Releases current prisoners from jail, possibly including those with a violent record
  • Creates funding for additional rural broadband which will take years to secure the environmental impact reports and potentially begin construction, going far beyond the current pandemic
  • Creates mail-in voting which is difficult or impossible to verify and invites fraudulent activity (

Budget concerns

The federal budget for FY 2020 is $3.8 trillion and the CARES Act has already allocated $2 trillion on top of the regular budget. This additional legislation would exceed the annual federal budget by roughly $1.6 trillion dollars. There is no plan in this legislation for the additional revenue, 6 months of the federal budget, to pay for the items in this bill.