H.R. 838, the Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act

H.R. 838, the Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act

Creates Domestic Espionage Bureau Controlled by Unelected Government Officials


America’s Latest Domestic Spy Program

This act creates an unelected government bureau, a domestic espionage panel of unelected people. They may decide that any American citizen is a threat by any determination by spying. They may request an armed government response to detain the person or confiscate their property without a crime being committed.

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Bill of Rights

This act disregards the Bill of Rights Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, creating domestic spying on every individual American. Anyone may be deemed dangerous to whoever or whatever the unelected bureau decides.

The method this bureau will use is to spy on American citizens, take in reports by others which may have malice as intent, is completely open. It allows domestic espionage of Americans without their knowledge or recourse. These bureaus will have the power to investigate the person’s private communications, social media, firearms ownership, associations, travel, organization memberships, and any other items they may determine to keep track of. This is done without that individual’s knowledge that they are being investigated.

Similarities to Popular Media

This is the same scenario as the movie Minority Report where the government arrests you based on their feelings. It also creates the same panel with a secretary as in the book When the Almond Tree Blossoms. If the local panel determines you are too threatening in their view, they can initiate a local police response at whatever level they deem necessary. These experts may be of any political ideology, are unelected, receive government pay, receive government pensions, may renew and expand their powers and scope of their actions as they deem necessary without end. These unelected local bureaus are created by the unelected bureaus and national bureaus.

In order to determine your threat level, the bureaus may determine that you must be disarmed and placed into detention for an undetermined time until you stop being a threat. That may be however long the bureau determines. There is no recourse for this action of confiscation or arrest in this law. The Soviet (USSR) Politburo is conceptually similar, with a secretary who may choose the other 23 members with similar ideology for the local bureau. It spied on whatever citizens were deemed a threat, took their livelihoods away, stripped them of their liberties, and sent them to Gulag detention centers, potentially as life imprisonment.

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