The Clinton Emails Report

The Clinton Email Server Report

Department of State Report on Security Incidents Related to Potentially Classified Emails sent to Former Secretary of State Clinton’s Private Email Server, Oct 2019

Protocols to safeguard classified material were violated an additional 497 times

The Thirteen Colony edition is printed with a normal font, fully reformatted for easy reading.

This book contains the official report from the U.S. State Department of State to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) regarding the mishandling of classified information through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server. The report revealed 38 employees were found culpable for 91 separate violations of security protocols. There were an additional 497 violations for which no single individual was found culpable. The conclusion was that  Clinton’s use of a home-based personal email server to conduct official business risked unauthorized disclosures and compromised security.
The report also notes that it was not possible to review the violations during the 5-to-9 years between the time that Clinton began using the server and the final report came out. Clinton and other employees had left by the time the department was able to access the emails. Many of the individuals could not be found for interviews.
  • State Dept.’s Clinton Server Review Found 38 Individuals Culpable for 91 Security Violations
  • Protocols to safeguard classified material were violated an additional 497 times.
The U.S. State Department’s review of the emails began in 2015. It was paused while the FBI investigated possible criminal violations from Clinton’s mishandling of highly-classified information. Then-chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, led the congressional oversight on the mishandling of classified information and loss of federal records that passed through the unauthorized server.
In March of 2017, Senator Grassley requested an update on the security clearance review related to the mishandling of classified information on Clinton’s server. The department confirmed the review of  the mishandled classified information in June 2017. In June 2019, the Department identified 30 security incidents and that its review was ongoing. This book is the compilation fo the letter confirming the State Department’s conclusion of the review, the findings, and the process.

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